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Vital Information on How To Care For a Sex Doll

Lilianriverbed A sex doll is a great investment and should be treated as such. To begin with, sex dolls are made from solid silicone as well as stainless steel. These are materials that are easy to clean and care for. However, if the doll isn’t cared for well, it can easily wear out and even infect the user with harmful bacterias. Here are valuable points to observe on how to care sex doll.
Clean appropriately after sex
Sex dolls should only be cleaned immediately after sex. This helps ensure hygiene and also eliminate bad smell. Just as humans, a sex doll needs a bath every time after sex and if necessary before.
Use mild detergent
Sex dolls need to be cleaned with lukewarm water, recommended antibacterial soap or a mild detergent and the douching ball usually provided in the cleaning kit. Strong detergent causes tear and wear.
Appropriate pose
A sex doll shouldn’t be forced to pose or bend positions that it isn’t comfortable with. When posing a doll, always ensure that the pose can’t damage it.
Handle the doll tenderly
During a sex encounter, keep in mind that the doll can’t support its own weight and stress on its joints can damage it. Handling the doll inappropriately is considered a great misuse.
Sex dolls can wear a variety of clothing at a time. However, if dressed in under-wire bras, jeans or boned corsets, don’t store the doll in these clothing. These clothing can cause permanent indentations on the doll.
Store the doll appropriately
The doll should always be stored in the crate that it was shipped in. Never force it to fit into a basket, a cupboard or any container as this can severely damage it.
Move the doll
It’s advisable to keep moving the doll. If it’s laying down or sitting when not in use, it should be moved regularly to prevent permanent flat spots on the dolls breasts, buttocks, or other parts of it.
Take care of the joints
Always remember that the doll’s joints aren’t designed to handle excessive stress caused by violent pushing or pulling. In particular, the wrist joints are especially very fragile. Desist from violently pulling, pushing or shoving the doll as this can result in severe damage.
Read the manufacturer’s instructions
Ultimately, this should be the first step. Failure to acquaint oneself with valuable details about the doll can result in its damage. Remember, damage caused due to owner’s misuse isn’t covered under the warranty.
Don’t share
Sex dolls shouldn’t be shared to prevent spreading of sexually transmitted disease and other infections.

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